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Art Directors of Muvi and information on the virtual museum

Our artistic Team

a group of Art Director of Rome

Stefano Fiore

Art Director

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Vice President
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Vincenza Protani

Secretary manager
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Tiziana Fiore
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Informative video on the new exhibition spaces

Preview - Example - one of the expositive spaces of the Virtual Museum, which will show you the main functions and its web interface. The video is for illustration purposes only and as a documentary . The Muvi is not a simple film, but an online virtual art gallery that can be explored in real time through internet browser.

The user will be able to explore the gallery in real time on computers, smartphones and tablets (we recommend mozilla firefox for computers and google chrome for smartphones and tablets).

The MUVI ROMA was founded in 2011 as an online virtual art gallery and grew in 2017 in the Virtual Independent Museum of Rome, one of the artistic projects of the Cultural Association " Grifio Art Gallery "

The purpose of this artistic cultural project is to bring together artists from all parts of the world trying to eliminate difficulties and problems often related to the distance between gallery and artist but also between investment and sales opportunities.

We have committed ourselves so that our dreams and yours could become a single idea, we are dedicated to the opportunities that the virtual web can offer also to those who have motor problems, therefore giving a new possibility of expose to those who are emotionally upset, and can not entertain with a real audience in a live show.

Starting from this simple idea we wanted to maximize the possibilities of promotion of artists, with particular attention to emerging young artists but also to those that with the art has always lived.

Give everyone the chance to take part in virtual art groups, contests for artists and art books e-books distributed in online bookstores catalogs and major stores such as amazon, feltrinelli, mondadori and others, without the payment of additional fee.

You can download our Italian Association Statute
The virtual artistic world is within everyone's reach, in the palm of the hand, in a domestic screen, it expands and creates connections with an infinite network of artistic and cultural possibilities.

MUVI ROMA - A real contemporary art museum that can be explored 360 ° by the spectator and is open 24 hours a day. MUVI is the future cornerstone of web art and will develop ideas and concepts with an attention to the new expressive tendencies.

We think everyone has the right to an exhibition space accessible by anyone, anywhere.

The Virtual Museum is divided for this year into 2 separate rooms in honor of 2 great painters:

- Gauguin hall
- Mondrian hall

How to exhibit in this virtual museum:
The artists interested in exhibiting in the collective art exhibitions organized by us, can do so by following the simple guidelines within the announcements available on the site (documents pdf)

Do you want to exhibit in a personal virtual exhibiton? send an information request email to

When and how can I access online virtual art exhibitions?

When the Muvi has set up to a new exhibition, a countdown shows in this page the opening of the gallery and the beginning of the virtual vernissage. From this moment, you can enter the museum with a PC, a smartphone and a tablet following the instructions on this page. As always, we advice you to enter in the gallery with the computer, to have a greater breadth of works and of the ambients, for a total immersion in virtual world.
At the end of this text you will find links to directions on how to move in the gallery.


1) Each exhibition has a countdown, at the end a button will appear to enter the museum
2) The Virtual art galleries can be explored via internet browser (recommended google chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
3) With computer: move with the arrows forward, backward, left and right, or the keys A (left) D (right) S (backward) W (forward). Alternatively, use the arrows visible at the bottom of the gallery interface.
Move the mouse by left-clicking the button to rotate the camera. To hide the bar with the arrows (visible at the bottom of the room) press the button 1 on the keyboard, the button 2 to make it visible.
4) From smartphone / tablet move forward, backward, left and right with the arrows at the bottom of the gallery interface. To rotate use your fingers on the touchscreen of your mobile device. On the tablet and mobile you can zoom in on the artists' information (left column) by double clicking, to restore the list and the room to its actual size make a double click again.
5) To move from one gallery to another walk up to the doors.

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The headquarters

Grifio Art Gallery curator of the Muvi Rome, is an online project and is not a physical location but online. The physical location is legal for the reception of the official communications and the meetings of the steering committee are held.

our facebook page e-mail:
CAssociation registered to revenue agency of Rome C.F. 97783630581
You can download our italian Statute here

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